Sue Acreman: BDA-Registered Freelance Dietitian, Cardiff, UK

Private Practice Dietitian: Cardiff

Dip Dietetics (1974); ISM diploma management (1999); MSc 2000 ; clincal leadership programme 2001;Doctorate in Health studies 2008-2012 (partly completed); Diploma in professional practice 2011; OU mentoring skills badge (2016)

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Profile for Sue Acreman, BDA Registered Dietitian

Hello, I am a HCPC registered Dietitian, a Fellow of the British Dietetic Association. and a member of the Association`s specialist oncology group.

I have over 44 years experience helping people manage their illnesses and conditions by changing their diet and lifestyle. my specialist clinical interest is cancer (oncology)

Having supported and cared for many people in health and illness for these 44  years in the NHS in South Wales, I truly understand the daily struggles and challenges they face to improve their health and well-being – and feel supported during their difficult journey.

I know that people with cancer may find their diet affected and I can help them eat well and feel better with dietary changes,  People with cancer need and want  to know how their food and diet can help them during their illness.

I can help you with your nutrition and dietary challenges by :

Helping you maintain a healthy lifestyle while living with your cancer.

Guiding you through the maze of information about diet and health during and after cancer diagnosis and treatment .

Providing personalised advice for people with cancer, Many cancer symptoms can be managed with simple dietary changes.

Helping you  to consider the benefits and pitfalls of all the information. myths and confusion found on media about nutrition,  diet and cancer.

Help you make dietary changes if you have gained weight for whatever reason. My advice will help you realise sensible and sustainable weight loss.

If you find that you have lost weight I can help you minimise further weight loss and promote weight gain.

email me on

phone me on 02920863450 or 07855054737

Business Details:

SA Nutrition Consulting

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Industry Services

  • Articles
  • Lecturing & teaching
  • Social media content creation
  • Workplace Education Sessions

Clinical Expertise

  • Cancer
  • Health Promotion / Public Health / Mother and Child
  • Healthy Eating / Lifestyle / Behaviour / Wellness
  • body image
  • cancer prevention
  • coaching
  • complementary/alternative
  • counselling
  • diets
  • ethnic diet
  • ketogenic diet
  • macrobiotic diet
  • medical nutrition
  • medical nutrition support
  • medical supplements
  • palliative care
  • vegan diet
  • vegetarian diet

Geographical Areas Covered

  • Europe
  • International
  • South Wales
  • South West
  • UK

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Be like jam – spread the word about healthy eating

05 February 2018

There is so much stuff and nonsense swirling around the internet about diet and nutrition, it is no wonder people are confused about what a balanced healthy diet looks like.The simple way to learn about healthy eating is to take a look at the eatwell guide available here on this link is an illustrative guide…

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Gnashing and grinding of teeth.

29 January 2018

It can be easy to overlook the importance of our teeth and their role in being well nourished and yet without our gnashers, we would not be able to enjoy crunching apples, biting bread or tearing at meat.Our teeth and their health is set before we are born, when our mothers provide us with the…

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Only the lonely

22 January 2018

I read the other day that up to 9 million people now live alone in the UK.Whilst this does not mean that there are 9 million people craving company, it is quite clear that unwanted “aloness” can have a negative impact on food intake and enjoyment.You see, food is not just about nourishment but it…

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Reasons to be cheerful

15 January 2018

Today has been described as blue Monday. We are all meant to be looking glum as Christmas celebrations become a distant memory and summer sunshine is too far away.I thought I would try to counter this negativity with some reasons to be cheerful.The days are getting longer and the sun is making progress back to…

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Avoid the flu, vaccinate and eat well.

08 January 2018

The flu season is in full swing with records showing that already the so called aussie flu bug has taken the lives of more than 300 people in the UK.We are all advised to have the vaccination which can reduce our chances of succumbing to this potentially deadly virus, but we can also make sure…

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New Year Resolutions – Ones To Keep

01 January 2018

Happy New Year to you all, I hope 2018 will be everything you could wish for, and more.But, whilst we are waiting for our wishes to come true, why not consider some simple but effective life changes to get the new year off to a good start.Eat just one extra piece of fruit or an…

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Merry Christmas and no humbug

22 December 2017

Season’s greetings to all, I hope you will have a splendid day, eating drinking and making merry.Have a great day but remember there is no law that requires us to eat and drink ourselves silly for the 12 days of Christmas.We can all indulge over the festive season and many of us will then join…

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Robins are territorial, dietitians are not!

18 December 2017

I was reflecting on dietetic life with an old chum last week and I recalled as a young and newly qualified dietitian how I had been left high and dry to deal with a baby newly diagnosed with PKU. I couldn’t find any information in the department as the paediatric dietitian had locked all the…

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Food sustains but also must be sustainable

11 December 2017

I am sure I am not the only person who perhaps takes the availability of food for granted.And yet we should be aware that the food we eat has impact on our bodies, the environment and the economy of the world.Diet related illnesses such as obesity, type2 diabetes and heart disease, are the result of…

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Past your sell by date, says who?

04 December 2017

The dictionary definition of this phrase refers to someone who is no longer considered useful as they are too old. I don`t think i have ever met anyone of any age who fits that description, my mum lived until she was nearly 96 and she was useful to me until the day she died. Miss…

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Too much of a good thing

27 November 2017

I was foolish enough to venture into a high street health food shop with my sister last week. She wanted to return her purchase of vitamin D as the tablets were 1.5 times the recommended daily supplement, as advised by the specialist advisory committee on nutrition (2016).A refund was not forthcoming, even though the bottle…

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What lies beneath..

20 November 2017

Visceral fat, unseen by us all and yet a real risk to our health.There are 2 types of fat stored in our bodies, that which is stored under our skin (subcutaneous fat) and internal fat (visceral fat).Subcutaneous fat defines our body shape and is not thought to have the same health risks as visceral fat,…

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Lest we forget….

12 November 2017

Remembrance Sunday took place today, when many of us stood and reflected for a few moments on the ultimate sacrifice given by brave men and women to keep us free. A member of the association which represents the Merchant Navy was interviewed and spoke about how in World War 1  the UK had only 6 weeks…

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Bangers and mash..

06 November 2017

Well it was bonfire night last night and it was like a war zone in my local area. I won`t make any comment on the fate of poor Guy Fawkes,  but suffice to say that i think it quite extraordinary that someone who plotted to bring down the government of the day remains famous more…

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Trick or treat?

31 October 2017

Tonight my door bell will chime constantly alerting me to an army of small children dressed in ghoulish outfits chanting “trick or treat”. As a good neighbour, and not really keen on having my windows egged, I will offer a  bucket of confectionery for them to choose from.I will not worry about their sugar intake,…

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Coughs and sneezes spread diseases, so don’t forget your vitamineezes!

23 October 2017

The season of coughs and colds has arrived and it is only a question of time before many of us fall victim to one virus or another.A well functioning immune system is really important to help fight off these bugs, and the food we eat is an essential ingredient to keeping the system in tip…

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Mood and food – keeping your spirits up

16 October 2017

Food can affect how we feel in many ways. It can comfort us when we are feeling low, think chocolate!It can make us feel bad if we think we have eaten too much again think chocolate!Sometimes food memory can make us feel good or bad, for instance being on a diet can feel like martyrdom and…

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Apples and pears – which one is better for you?

09 October 2017

It is body shape I am talking about, as both apples and pears are really good to include in our 5 a day.No, there is evidence that our body shape, the places we store fat, can be an indicator or future health or illness.Pear shaped people tend to store their fat on the hips and…

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The good, the bad and the ugly – cholesterol that is

02 October 2017

Apparently October is cholesterol month so I thought it would be good to take a quick look at this important issue and set the scene for the month. Cholesterol is really important to us humans. It forms part of all our cells in our bodies and is needed for things like converting sunlight absorbed through…

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Steady lads, steady (with apologies to the chap who wrote hearts of oak, William Boyce)

25 September 2017

Falls and the older personFalls may occur more frequently as get older and alongside the embarrassment is the risk of fractures and worse, which can affect our lives not in a good way.Eating well can reduce the harm done by a fall, and it is sound advice at any age to pay attention to keeping…

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