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If you ARE NOT a member of the BDA Freelance dietitians subgroup

If you are a registered dietitian and a BDA member, please join the Freelance dietitians subgroup using your BDA online profile. You will need to join the group by contacting the BDA and adding the FDG specialist group on your online payment record. Once we have confirmation that you have paid, you will be sent details on how to access and complete your online profile. FDG Membership fees are renewed annually.

If you ARE a member of the BDA Freelance dietitians subgroup

Please email us should you experience any problems on the website

Notice for all BDA and FDG members who wish to renew or join the FDG

We have switched over to online payments using the BDA online system

Please note that we will only accept online payments and renewals via the BDA online system Therefore:

If you wish to join, visit and log into your profile

If you wish to renew, please log into your BDA online profile and set up your preferred renewal format.

The FDG committee

Login Status

If you are already a member, please login to manage your account

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