The ‘Get Control’ Online Low FODMAP IBS Course

The 'Get Control' Online Low FODMAP IBS Course

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This course will take you through a 3 month process of understanding and controlling your irritable bowel syndrome…

This course will take you through a 3 month process of understanding and controlling your irritable bowel syndrome symptoms so you can feel yourself again.

-Ensure that you have had an accurate IBS diagnosis – many people have not, which can lead to health risks.
-Find out which type of IBS you have – there are 4 different types.
-Understand why you have IBS and what this means for you – be in control.
-Find out how to control your symptoms – get your confidence back.
-Find out what triggers your IBS – keep it simple by only having to avoid why triggers you.
-Follow the low FODMAP diet process, guided by a qualified dietitian – avoiding any nutritional deficiencies and being fully supported.
-Have access to The Healthy Gut Academy Facebook Group. This is an exclusive private group where I will be doing regular Facebook lives to answer your questions – being supported by others going through the same things as you can really help your progress and confidence. You will get a life long membership to this.*
You will be sent accurate information to your door in a welcome pack – this includes Kings College low FODMAP booklets – only available through a registered dietitian.

This course is for any adult aged 16 and above who has been given an official IBS diagnosis from their GP or gastroenterologist.

1. The first part of the course is based around getting to the bottom of the gut health basics before we go any further. In this, you will be taught how to track and monitor your own diet and symptoms. This means that when we go on to making further changes that you will have an excellent gut health foundation to fall back on.

2. The second part of the course involves following the reduction phase of the low FODMAP diet. In this, you will be guided on how and what foods to avoid or reduce in your diet. This is a 4 week period only. To support you through this, you will be given recipe sources, advice, explanations on how to read labels and of course access to the Facebook private group for further support.

3. The final phase of the course will see you reintroduce FODMAPs safely to find out which group or groups were causing your symptoms. This is the most important part as it gives you the answers you need to control your IBS. It also means not having to follow a restrictive diet forever and prevents long term damage to your gut microbiota.

Early bird – £95.00
Regular price – £225.00

Firstly, contact myself to put your name down for the course. I will then send you payment details and when this has been completed, you will receive your confirmation of booking.
Prior to the course start date, you will be sent a pack of information in the post. This pack includes Kings College low FODMAP booklets, a food and symptom diary and a symptom analysis for you to keep track.
Closer to the start date, you will be sent a link to the course portal which is a simple log in to access the video tutorials by myself, Dietitian Kirsten.

30.01.2018 – 20.00

27.02.2018 – 20.00

27.03.2018 – 20.00

24.04.2018 – 20.00

*As long as the course runs.

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