Personalised Nutrition Trend report 2017

Personalised Nutrition Trend report 2017

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The personalized nutrition industry is going mainstream, and fast! This trend report is written by a nutrition business…

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The personalized nutrition industry is going mainstream, and fast! This trend report is written by a nutrition business consultant who has been helping and advising companies big and small, on current trends, pitfalls and product development over the last 5 years. This report provides insights, developments and key opportunities for companies who are considering to get into the industry.

About this report; In this report, we provide answers and solutions to the questions we have been asked by various companies over the years, all in one place. We provide examples of key companies, their business models as well as emerging trends in the personalized nutrition industry.
What is included in this report; A breakdown of key segments within the marketplace, an outline of current developments, trends and opportunities ready to be exploited. We also provide rationale for why certain approaches are not warranted currently. Finally, we also identify factors driving change now and in the future.

Who this report is for; Marketing managers, innovation & branding managers, CSO´s, product developers and managers, R&D managers, CEO´s.

Why you should get this report
o It will save you time in conducting research by providing the latest updates and trends in the industry in a condensed format
o It will save you money on attending conferences and obtaining different opinions about what is happening in the industry
o It will improve and enhance your current understanding of the personalized nutrition market, so you can speak confidently
o It provides a forward-looking insight into the market from a hands-on, ground level approach, not just a desk-research perspective, so you can rest assured that the report is based on consumer and market insight.
o It will provoke lively discussion at senior level, planning meetings and workshops if you are considering entering the market
o It will give you the opportunity to take a step back from micro trends and understand the bigger picture in terms of how different segments are merging.
o It will help you position your product pipeline by understanding the stage each segment is at
If you know that you should start taking notice of the personalised nutrition industry, this report will certainly will clear up those questions you have been sitting on for some time.

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