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Nutrition works: Five things you must know if you want to get pregnant

19th July 2017 / Stephanie Fade

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One Being overweight or underweight reduces your chances of conceiving and carrying a healthy baby to term. Check your Body Mass Index before you stop using contraception and if you have a BMI under 18.5 or over 24.9 then you should take action to reach a healthy weight before you start trying to conceive. Check

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Can diet prevent dementia or slow its progression?

30th January 2017 / Stephanie Fade

Ages and Stages, DASH diet, Longer More Active Life, MIND diet, Mediterranean diet, dementia, healthy ageing
Eating well may help prevent and slow the progression of dementia. Dementia is the name given to a group of symptoms that we see when there is an ongoing decline in the ability of the brain to function fully. The most common symptoms include: • Memory loss • Reduced thinking speed • Difficulty solving problems

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Diet Tips to Help Premenstrual Syndrome

12th October 2016 / Stephanie Fade

Ages and Stages, Premenstrual syndrome, women's health
Premenstrual Syndrome or PMS is the name given to a range of symptoms that women may experience in the 2 weeks before their monthly period. Most women have some symptoms but for up to 20% of the population these can be very severe. Symptoms vary from person to person and can be physical such as

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Diet Tips to Help You Thrive Through the Menopause

10th August 2016 / Stephanie Fade

Ages and Stages, Menopause
It’s something every woman in their 40’s or 50’s will go through and it certainly presents new challenges. However it doesn’t have to be miserable and there’s plenty of help out there. Menopause is when a woman starts producing less oestrogen and stops having periods. Most women will experience some menopausal symptoms. These can start

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Is it important to look after our guts for a longer, more active life?

23rd June 2016 / Stephanie Fade

Ages and Stages, Longer More Active Life
Scientists are asking whether diet might cause changes in our gut gardens or to use the correct technical term our gut microbiome. They are interested in whether these changes might be linked to inflammation and the degree of frailty (mental and physical weakness) we experience as we age? Our gut micriobiome is the unique mix

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