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Are probiotics useless? Find out how to get a healthy gut.

24th September 2018 / Stephanie Fade

Bite sized science, Microbiome, healthy gut, plant-based diet, probiotics
A recent headline claimed that scientists have proved that probiotics are “next to useless.” So are probiotics useless? I but some myths and show you how to improve the health of your gut. What’s all the fuss about? Probiotics are preparations containing live bacteria, which could improve our gut microbiome and so benefit our health.

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Do diet drinks lead to dementia and stroke?

8th June 2017 / Stephanie Fade

Artificial sweeteners, Bite sized science, dementia, diet drinks, stroke
  Do artificially sweetened or diet drinks lead to dementia and stroke? The short answer is “no” but this is not what a recent newspaper headlines might lead you to believe. The headlines relate to a US study. The researchers used something called a “food frequency questionnaire” to look at the diets of a large

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Are tinned tomatoes dangerous?

10th May 2017 / Stephanie Fade

BPA, Bite sized science, processed foods, tinned tomatoes
Clients have been asking me “Are tinned tomatoes dangerous?” I use tinned tomatoes in lots of my recipes like the tagine shown above. In this article I unpack the risks so that you can decide. Chicken and Chick Pea Tagine Recipe Some people are concerned about the risks associated with Bisphenol A or BPA which is

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Blinded by Science?

14th September 2016 / Stephanie Fade

Bite sized science, Making sense of science, Nutrition, science
Are you feeling blinded by science? With so much conflicting advice about diet and health, how do you know what to believe? Armed with a few basic insights into world of science you can start to feel more confident about separating fact from fiction and making good choices about what to eat and feed your

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