Clean eating

Video consultations 50% off March promotion

1st March 2017 / Helen Phadnis

Clean eating
Virtual nutrition consultations for just £30 this month with me at Ringwell. See me from the comfort of your own home, or slot me in during your lunch break at work for an online video consultation. I hold my virtual consultations via It’s super easy, quick and free to register – here’s the all

10 Healthy Snacks to nourish your body & fill your belly!

9th June 2016 / Helen Phadnis

Clean eating
My name’s Helen and I’m a snackaholic! My clients often tell me it’s my advise on snacking that improves their energy levels, mood, and outlook on food in general. My ethos is to focus on nourishing your body, feel good about those in between snacks, and think of the extra nutrients you’re sneaking in between meal-times.

Active Nutrition open for business

25th February 2016 / Helen Phadnis

Clean eating, Family nosh, Sports nutrition
In need of a nutrition MOT? I am now practicing from Nevill Ave, Hove for one to one nutrition consultations.  Call ahead for a free 10min phone consultation on 07779 021767. If you can’t make it to see me in person I can offer remote nutrition consultations via Skype, phone and e-mail.  Introductory offer £10

Rest day nutrition – avocados, yoga & wine

11th February 2016 / Helen Phadnis

Clean eating, Family nosh, Sports nutrition
As with many athletes I like structure, and a clear set of rules to work to.  I believe in evidence-based rules. Carbs: 6-10g/kg body weight/day. Protein: 1.2-1.7 g/kg body weight/d. Fat: 20-30% total energy. Recovery: 1-1.5 g carbohydrate / kg body weight/30min. Hydration: 500ml/ 0.5kg body weight lost during exercise.  Eat 2 hours pre exercise.

5 tips to Dodge a Hangover

21st December 2015 / Helen Phadnis

Clean eating
As I dusted the heels off last Friday for a rare night out on the town with some equally excited local ‘mum friends’ I felt smug in my hangover prevention preparations: I was well hydrated; I’d eaten a wholesome balanced dinner with the family before heading out; I snacked with my drinks when out; and the old

Top 5 Immune Boosting Diet Habits

8th November 2015 / Helen Phadnis

Clean eating
As a nutrition expert I feel pressure to look the picture of health at all times. Glossy hair, long nails, glowing skin and a skip in my step are all evidence of the nutritious healthy lifestyle I live. However sometimes the odds are stacked against me and over-training, stress, a change in seasons and lack

Beef Jerky – are you man enough?

6th October 2015 / Helen Phadnis

Clean eating, Sports nutrition
A request for ‘man snacks’ came recently from one of the alpha males in my extended family. I  laughed initially at the thought of snacks being gender aligned, until I took myself and my husband as an example: Snacks for me: – Fresh fruit, dates, dried apricots, dark chocolate, home made oat cookies, bliss balls.

Tone up with your 20 grams of recovery protein, and make it fishy!

21st September 2015 / Helen Phadnis

Clean eating, Sports nutrition
As a nerd I like to have a set of rules to work to. I like numbers, and I like it when they’re based on research. It also helps when that number answers a question I get asked a lot: how much protein should I eat? For ideal recovery post workout that’ll be 20 grams.

Must eat nuts and beans. The vegetarian athletes mantra.

9th September 2015 / Helen Phadnis

Clean eating
I’ve become a weekday quasi-vegetarian. It happened by accident really. My husband has been working away from home Monday to Friday and so I’ve been cooking what I crave and what the children like – which is mainly cheese, beans, fish and vegetables. Sometimes chicken – but since our move we no longer have a decent
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