Two kiwi fruit a day keeps constipation away?

27th March 2021 / Julie Thompson

Food Intolerance, Fruit, IBS, Irritable Bowel Syndrome, LOW FODMAP, constipation, food, kiwi, low fodmap diet
You have heard about prunes haven’t you? I even have a post about prunes here and how they have been used to help with constipation due to their sorbitol content. Sorbitol is a polyol, a sugar that is not absorbed into the body and helps to keep fluid inside the bowel, helping with constipation,

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Allergy + Free From Show talk on IBS

7th June 2016 / Julie Thompson

Digestive Disorders, Digestive Health, FODMAP, Fibre, Food Intolerance, Gluten-free diet, Human gastrointestinal tract, IBS, Irritable Bowel Syndrome, LOW FODMAP, constipation, fiber
Are you going to the Allergy + Free From Show in July? Don’t forget to get your free tickets here and come and see my talk for the IBS Network on Diet and Constipation – is it just about fibre and fluid? This is on Sunday 10th July in the Learning Centre at 11:00am

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