Corona virus

Surviving lockdown and working from home

20th April 2020 /

Corona virus, Mindset, Nutrition + Health, covid 19, lockdown, work from home
Lockdown life isn’t easy when you’re trying to work and be productive. Trust me. What started with 14 days here in Girona has turned into 37 days of total lockdown being stuck indoors, with no clear release in sight. Here’s my advice on how to survive lockdown, work from home and be relatively productive without

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Podcast: Fuelling Good Health through Food (Love Women’s Cycling)

2nd April 2020 /

Corona virus, Cycling, Mindset, Nutrition + Health, Podcast, Sports nutrition, Triathlon, dietitian, female athlete, fitness, work from home
In a climate where immunity and disease are a hot topic, I’ve shared my hot tips on how to fuel for better health and performance with the Love Women’s Cycling Podcast. We talk nutrition for immunity, macronutrients, micronutrients and the key factors I believe you should keep on top of to stay strong and healthy

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