How to make an authentic low fodmap curry – vegetarian

16th October 2017 / Julie Thompson

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OK – so, how on earth do you make an authentic curry without an onion base? Masala is a mix of spices that are first fried in oil to release the flavour and then finely chopped onion and garlic is added – lot’s and lot’s of onion and this is cooked before adding the other

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Thai green chicken curry – scarily low fodmap!

28th October 2016 / Julie Thompson

Halloween, Irritable Bowel Syndrome, LOW FODMAP, Recipe, Recipes, curry
It’s now October – time for the nights to draw in and Halloween is just around the corner. Have you time to cook some dark dishes for All Hallows’ Eve? Would you like a story before we begin out tasty treat? You would? Now I am not in the habit of believing in ghosts being

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