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An interview with Dietwise

A  video that outlines some  of the work Dietwise does!   This video was shot in April by a student at Middlesbrough University and had been completely forgotten until I stumbled across it on u tube!  It gives details the details of a newish course – Healing Foods, Harming Foods.  The courses will be  up […]

How to eat sugar and not spike your glucose levels – Have your cake and eat it

If you ask people what do people with type 2 diabetes need to avoid the most common answer is sugar. This isn’t actually what we recommend in practice because we think people should be entitled to enjoy the odd treat like any of us. That said, people with type 2 diabetes need to have the […]

Healthy Lunch Box Ideas

Lunch boxes ideas and recipes to help get kids off on a healthy new school year!  Free download here Dietwise has been working with local schools recently and listened to parents and the pressures they feel when it comes to providing healthy school lunches that don’t cost the earth or take too much time.  That’s […]

Should crash diets be part of NHS treatment?

Should crash diets or fad diets be available on the NHS? This is always a controversial one that splits opinion. I suspect I could start full scale warfare just within my dietetic department by mentioning this topic. Some are staunch believers crash diets are what is needed to kick start people into losing weight. Others […]

I eat healthy but have suboptimal glucose levels. Why?

Many patients I see have perfectly healthy diets but unfortunately suffer with suboptimal glucose levels. This can be frustrating for the patient. Especially as they are doing their best to control their diabetes but to no avail. When I see these patients in clinic they can be quite downbeat. It seems regardless of the dietary […]

Arthritis and Diet

A useful summary of some of the helpful and not so helpful dietary changes arthritis suffers can make Many people suffer the debilitating affects of arthritis – both rheumatoid and osteoarthritis.  There are many claims around what can and cant help.  Below I have summarised some of the evidence there is for the most popular […]

Should I be following a low carb diet with type 2 diabetes

  Hey all, Should I follow a low carb diet? This has been a topic that has come to me quite frequently recently. It makes sense. Carbohydrates are the foods which spike glucose levels. Therefore, following a low carb diet should prevent spikes in your glucose levels. The question really is though, do you need […]

Obesity – What causes it and what can we do about it?

Todays’ video – below – is about obesity – I know again. But it continues with my recent theme and lends itself well to anyone who struggles with their weight. Obesity is a topic which comes up time and time again in my practice. Whether you have diabetes or not, I think we can all […]

Do we really need a sugar tax?

You may have seen a recent article appear in several national newspapers regarding doctors calling for a sugar tax to prevent type 2 diabetes. If you missed it, here’s a link to one of them.  Of course with any national press you have to read the article with a small amount of scepticism. Usually you […]