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Which Digestive Enzymes are Good For IBS?

IBS is a digestive health problem which can be triggered by the inability to digest certain foods. So you may be wondering, which digestive enzymes are good for IBS? In this article, I look at the science to explain which digestive enzymes you should u …

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Does Glutenase Work For Coeliacs?

Introduction Glutenase is an enzyme which breaks down gluten. But is it safe for people with Coeliac Disease? For most people who have coeliac disease, the idea of eating a normal diet is amazing, so lets explore the science and see if taking this enzy …

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What Is Sucrase Deficiency?

Introduction Sucrase deficiency (also known as sucrase-isomaltase deficiency or sucrose intolerance) is a rare genetic disorder. This article explains what it is, the symptoms, how to manage it and how to get a sucrase deficiency diagnosis. Sucrase Iso …

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