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Five reasons to tackle weight gain in autumn

6th September 2017 / Stephanie Fade

Eating Mindset: Get Real Tips, Seasonal weight gain, autumn, healthy weight, losing weight, seasons, weight
The season of mists and mellow fruitfulness is here. Summer is over, the kids are back at school it’s a great time to take stock of your health. Whilst some studies show that most of us only gain a small amount of weight whilst we are on our summer holidays my experience is that most people

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Exercising to meet your goals

16th August 2017 / Stephanie Fade

Eating Mindset: Get Real Tips, Exercise, healthy weight, staying strong, weight loss
All my clients know that eating well and exercising right work together if you want to lose weight or just stay at a healthy weight and keep strong. This means different things for different people. Our friends over at Fitness Goals have put together a comprehensive guide so click below to check out their top

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Nutrition works: Why my clients lose weight

14th June 2017 / Stephanie Fade

Eating Mindset: Get Real Tips, Why lose weight, motivation, weight loss
Apologies for being slightly sneaky but this is not a blog about special tips that will guarantee weight loss. This post is about “why” my clients lose weight in other words what motivates them. “So what” I hear you cry. Well “why” is actually very important because we are much more motivated to work hard

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Overcome shame on your weight loss journey

21st October 2016 / Stephanie Fade

Eating Mindset: Get Real Tips, Shame, support, weight loss
Shame is a paralysing emotion and one that is devastating to anyone trying to tackle excess weight. Shifting your thinking from shame to a more positive mindset is tricky but a game-changer. Here are some observations from over 20 years helping people to lose weight. I hope one or two of them help you to

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