Exercising to meet your goals

16th August 2017 / Stephanie Fade

Eating Mindset: Get Real Tips, Exercise, healthy weight, staying strong, weight loss
All my clients know that eating well and exercising right work together if you want to lose weight or just stay at a healthy weight and keep strong. This means different things for different people. Our friends over at Fitness Goals have put together a comprehensive guide so click below to check out their top

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Exercise and Pregnancy

3rd October 2015 / Eulalee Green

During Pregnancy, Exercise
How to Make Exercise in Pregnancy Safe   Exercise during pregnancy has a positive effect on your health and the developing baby. Women who exercise during pregnancy experience less back and pelvic pain, lower risk of developing gestational diabetes, better diabetic control if they already have diabetes, and a lower risk of complications during labour.

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Game, set, banana, match!

11th July 2015 / Laura Clark

Exercise, Lifestyle, Nutrition, Weight Management
To celebrate being one of the closest dietitian’s to the famous SW19 Wimbledon tennis I thought I’d put the spotlight on the ever popular banana – so synonymous with tennis players to fuel them to the final, how does it match up for the rest of us?! Someone I saw in clinic recently told me

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Nutrition Advice for the Part Time Athlete!

28th November 2014 / Laura Clark

Exercise, Nutrition
As a dietitian I’m all about using real food to meet the body’s needs. I meet a lot of people who enjoy taking frequent exercise but who are also balancing a stressful job and a social life! There aren’t quite enough hours in the day and it’s easy to let your nutrition suffer as a

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