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The truth about caffeine and how it benefits us

3rd March 2021 / Laura Clark

Food and nutrients, Nutrition
It’s the world’s most popular stimulant and a friend to many of us but what’s the truth about caffeine and how it benefits us? Can you imagine mornings without it? How much caffeine should we have? Caffeine is a bit of a fickle friend – routine users of caffeine won’t get the same euphoric effects

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What to take into consideration in February if you did Veganuary

2nd February 2021 / Laura Clark

Food and nutrients, Nutrition
Veganuary recruited a record number of signups this year (around 500,000). It continues to trend but against popular belief, not all vegan diets are healthy. Let’s pull back that ‘health halo’ and have a poke around, with a particular focus on the vegan processed food market.  This product research and evidence has been compiled by

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How much protein do you need in lockdown?

28th April 2020 / Laura Clark

Food and nutrients
How much protein do I need in lockdown? I thought it was time to delve into the protein macro again, particularly as our habitual exercise patterns have shifted somewhat. We may be exercising more, or less than usual or altering the type of exercise we’re doing. Lockdown might also have influenced out dietary choices too

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Top tips for the right energy bar for you

2nd April 2020 / Laura Clark

Food and nutrients, Recipes
With all this home living, we may be spending more time in the kitchen and perhaps feeling inspired to bake whether that be for child entertainment or taste bud titillation. For some of us we may break up the snacking frenzy with a bit of work, or to craft an elephant out of a milk

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Cereal Bar choices for those with Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS)

21st February 2020 / Laura Clark

Food and nutrients, Practical tips for busy people, good snack choices for PCOS, snacking for PCOS, what to eat if you have PCOS
Following on from my cereal bars for busy people recommendations, here is the low down for those who need to be mindful of carbohydrate intake whilst also ensuring their snacks can be nourishing and help them top up on protein, fibre and other vitamins and minerals. They’re also allowed to be busy, but carbs and

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Cereal bar recommendations for busy people

9th February 2020 / Laura Clark

Food and nutrients, healthy snacks, snacks for busy people, snacks for work
For busy working professionals, snacking provides an ideal opportunity to fuel the day between meals or when the next meal amidst the chaos is a long way off. Too often though, we snack on the wrong thing and lurch from one sugar low to another. Many snacks claim to give us just what we need,

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Nutrition tips for the body conscious Love Island couples

8th June 2019 / Laura Clark

Behind the Headlines, Food and nutrients, Weight loss and body composition
It’s a hard life – slurping from a personalised water bottle and trying to decide whether to sit on a swinging seat or a bean bag. I’d love to see inside those fridges because you don’t see them eat much do you? Their bodies look sculpted, but should their diets change now they’re enclosed within

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Fibre is the F word my children should be talking about!

16th May 2019 / Laura Clark

Feeding the family, Fibre, Food and nutrients, what to feed the kids
With sugar continually making the headlines, fibre doesn’t get a look in. And yet this is really what we should be focusing on. The good news is we can put a positive spin on it because it’s all about what to eat more of. How else can we sell it to the kids?! Take a

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Eggs – are they all they’re cracked up to be?

17th April 2019 / Laura Clark

Food and nutrients, Practical tips for busy people, Workplace Health
Love the ingredient check list for an egg shown here, if only to highlight that the most ‘natural’ foods have an array of chemical compounds they contain. Long, complex names aren’t synonymous with foods that are bad for us and whilst as consumers we are being encouraged to read labels and seek out foods that

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Up the oily – it’s time to stink out the office

11th April 2019 / Laura Clark

Food and nutrients, Workplace Health
Hot off the press the national diet and nutrition survey has new results. I know this is exciting folks and you’ll be gutted that you haven’t got time to read the whole thing so thought I’d share the highlights in bite sized chunks to inspire your next food shop. This week I can reveal oily

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