Food Science

More than a calorie

12th May 2020 / Emma Townsin

Food Science, Intuitive Eating
There’s a whole lot of activity going on behind the scenes within our bodies. Iron carries oxygen through our bloodstream, potassium maintains salt balance in our cells, phosphate turns molecules into energy, calcium moves our muscles while magnesium keeps our hearts beating. Meanwhile, the organs and tissues these compounds are supplying are built from protein,

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Are Vegetables for Vegetarians?

26th February 2019 / Emma Townsin

Food Science, Sustainable Eating
Does a vegetarian diet mean eating more veggies? A healthy vegetarian and a healthy meat eater should both be eating their veggies. So why do we so often associate these nutrient dense colourful powerhouses exclusively with a vegetarian diet? Despite one containing the majority of the word ‘vegetable’, the defining factor separating these two dietary

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Is raw really more?

24th February 2019 / Emma Townsin

Food Science
Is a raw food diet more nutritious than cooked food? Before cooking existed, humans altered foods in many ways. For example, chewing food breaks down fibres, therefore improving the digestibility. Saliva breaks down plant enzymes, altering the absorption of nutrients. While simply exposing the food to oxygen or sunlight alters the nutrient profile. When humans

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