Does Glutenase Work For Coeliacs?

25th October 2018 / Kirsten Jackson

Coeliac Disease, Digestive Health, digestive enzymes, gluten, glutenase, gut health
Introduction Glutenase is an enzyme which breaks down gluten. But is it safe for people with Coeliac Disease? For most people who have coeliac disease, the idea of eating a normal diet is amazing, so lets explore the science and see if taking this enzyme will help. What Does The Science Say? Up until recently,

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Is Gluten Bad For You?

28th March 2017 / Kirsten Jackson

Digestive Health, dietitian, gluten, wheat
Gluten seems to be treated like the devil of the food world. It is claimed to cause many health problems, some of which are fairly serious accusations. But, is it actually bad for you or not? What is gluten? Gluten is a protein found in wheat, barley and rye. Who is it bad for? Gluten

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An Overview of Coeliac Disease

30th April 2016 / Charlotte Foster

Coeliac Disease, In The Media, coeliac, gluten, gluten free, healthy eating
  In this video, DINE asks some of the public some some key questions on the topic of coeliac disease. Registered Dietitian, Charlotte Foster gives us an overview of the disease and helps unveil the truth behind some common misconceptions.   Make sure you check out the rest of the website for more information on coeliac disease and other nutrition related

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