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Try new flavourings and reduce your salt intake: Marjoram

14th May 2021 / Stephanie Fade

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Marjoram a slightly sweet, aromatic herb and great way to flavour food without salt Eating less salt will help keep your blood pressure down and reduce your risk of stroke. There are lots of great ways to flavour food without the need for salt. In this series of posts I will be sharing ideas and

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Lower your blood pressure and prevent stroke: nutrition tips

11th May 2021 / Stephanie Fade

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Act FAST if you think someone is having a stroke May is Stroke Awareness Month. Being aware of the signs of a stroke as shown above is essential for saving lives so always act FAST. Prevention is equally important and high blood pressure is the single biggest risk factor for stroke. Here are my nutrition

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Healthy, joyful Sunday lunch: Post lockdown tips.

29th April 2021 / Stephanie Fade

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Traditional Sunday Roast. With a few tweaks you can make it healthy and joyful I know many people have missed sharing a traditional English Sunday roast with friends and wider family over lockdown. Now that the weather is getting warmer a fantastic Sunday lunch alfresco (even if you need a coat) is a great way

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How to cut waste and eat healthily: Tips for your family.

26th April 2021 / Stephanie Fade

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Planning meals with the family can save money and waste and is a great way to talk about the benefits of different foods Wednesday 28thApril is international stop food waste day.  We waste 33% of food produced globally. We could feed all the 795 million undernourished people in the world with just 25% of this waste!

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Top ten tips to help your overweight child eat well

26th February 2020 / Stephanie Fade

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One third of UK children are overweight or obese by the time they leave primary school. However we also know that there are 1.25 million people with an eating disorder some as young as 6 years old! We need to learn to talk about eating well without triggering concerns about body image or an unhealthy

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Foodie tips to toast your health on Christmas day

7th December 2017 / Stephanie Fade

Christmas, Christmas day, Mindful eating, healthy cooking, healthy eating
We sometimes think we will enjoy Christmas best by eating and drinking as much as possible. In reality no one likes feeling bloated after a meal so in the third and final post for Christmas here are my tips for making Christmas day happy and healthy. First up some tips for the cooks. The bird

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Get it together for healthier festive foodie fun

4th December 2017 / Stephanie Fade

Christmas, Planning Christmas food and drink, healthy eating, planning
Christmas day can be a wonderful time to enjoy food and drink with friends and family. With a bit of planning now you can make the day a healthier one with a little less excess and just as much fun. In the second of three posts for the season here are my tips to help

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Top ten tips for busting that baby bulge

27th July 2017 / Stephanie Fade

Ages and Stages, Pregnancy and fertility, baby bulge, healthy eating, losing weight
Just because celebs ping back into shape 2 weeks after giving birth doesn’t mean it’s healthy. That said of course you want to get back to feeling more like “you.” So what can you do to lose your baby weight healthily? Here are my top ten tips for busting that baby bulge One OK so there

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Help fussy eating is stopping me from choosing a healthy diet

18th April 2017 / Stephanie Fade

Balanced diet, Overcome fussy eating, fussy eating, healthy eating
  We all have our different food likes and dislikes but if fussy eating is stopping you from choosing a healthy diet, here are some practical tips. Make a list of healthy foods that your already enjoy and then note their characteristics. Perhaps they are spicy or maybe bland, perhaps they are smooth or maybe

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Healthy eating for cancer survivors

26th September 2016 / Stephanie Fade

Diet and Cancer, Healthy Eating for Cancer Survivors, cancer survivors, healthy eating
So you’ve finished your cancer treatment plan. It’s been a gruelling time but now life can start to get back to normal and you want to really enjoy it whilst at the same time taking care of your health. Good nutrition is important so read on to find out about healthy eating for cancer survivors.

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