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What is Irritable Bowel Syndrome?

28th February 2020 / Kirsten Jackson

ibs diet, what is IBS, what is irritable bowel syndrome?
You just got diagnosed with irritable bowel syndrome, but what is this?  It will seem like you don’t really have a diagnosis at all. Or perhaps you will be confused because the doctor could not find anything wrong with you. Welcome to the 1 in 10 club!  In this post, I will answer the questions

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Sugar and IBS

7th February 2020 / Kirsten Jackson

ibs diet, sugar and IBS
You will likely have heard the claims around sugar being a trigger for IBS. You may have tried a sugar free diet to help your IBS symptoms. The term ‘sugar’ refers to several different molecules. Not all ‘sugar’ will cause your IBS symptoms, only those which you are intolerant to. In this article, I am

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How Does Stress Affect IBS?

10th December 2019 / Kirsten Jackson

gut brain axis, ibs diet, stress and IBS
Have you noticed that stress can affect your IBS? You may find that stress causes bloating, stomach pain and diarrhoea. But why is this and what can you do about it? The body’s response to stress is part of a natural survival mechanism known as the fight or flight response. This response is designed to

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Suffering from IBS Symptoms Immediately After Eating

13th September 2019 / Kirsten Jackson

Gastrocolic reflex, ibs diet
Do you immediately get symptoms after eating? Frustrating isn’t it?! When you have IBS, having diarrhoea or stomach cramping after eating can be a regular occurrence. In this article I am going to cover what causes this immediate reaction to food and what you can about it. IBS and Gut Motility If you have IBS

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Which Diet Is Good For IBS?

6th September 2019 / Kirsten Jackson

IBS symptoms, gluten free, ibs diet
Changing your diet may be the most obvious thing to do when you have IBS. But what diet is good for IBS? Elimination, low FODMAP, gluten free, sugar free, I am sure you have tried it all! In this article I will explain which diet is best when it comes to managing IBS symptoms. Is

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10 Things To Do Before Starting The Low FODMAP Diet

24th April 2018 / Kirsten Jackson

LOW FODMAP, how to do the low FODMAP diet, ibs diet
This article is for those of you who are about to start the low FODMAP diet and need some guidance before you get started. First things first don’t start it straight away. This may sound like a strange suggestion as you will probably feel quite motivated to make the changes in order to see an

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The IBS Diet – Dietitian Advice

27th December 2017 / Kirsten Jackson

Irritable Bowel Syndrome, ibs diet
It is no surprise then that I frequently get asked about the best ‘IBS diet’ to go on as Irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) is often triggered by food. But, as with many things in gut health, there is no such thing as an ‘IBS Diet.’ Instead, there are many different parts to a diet which

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