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lactose free labneh dip – low fodmap

8th July 2017 / Julie Thompson

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What is labneh? It is a middle eastern strained yoghurt that removes some of the whey component – some individuals can tolerate yoghurt when they have lactose intolerance however it is unclear if the draining of the whey will concentrate the lactose sugar or remove some of it. Unfortunately Wikipedia has a very unhelpful ‘reference’

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Lebanese grilled lamb with lactose free yoghurt

3rd June 2017 / Julie Thompson

Irritable Bowel Syndrome, LOW FODMAP, Recipes, lactose free, lamb, lebanese, lebanese recipes, lebanese seven spice
I adore Ottolenghi recipes but he does use lots of fodmaps in them so I was very surprised to find a Lebanese seven spice rub in Marks and Spencer that is low fodmap and just the right spice mix for rubbing into meat and using on a grill or barbecue. so here is a good

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