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Reduce your salt intake with fun flavourings: #1 Caraway

12th May 2021 / Stephanie Fade

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Caraway seeds are a great way to add flavour, reducing your need for salt. Reducing your salt intake will help keep your blood pressure down and reduce your risk of stroke. There are lots of great ways to flavour food without the need for salt. Today I start with my personal favourite caraway. Caraway, also known

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Herby mustard chicken

18th July 2017 / Stephanie Fade

High Fibre, Recipes, high protein, low calorie, low fat, low salt
Calories 314 Fat g 11.2 Fat as saturates g 5.7 Carbs g 13.3 Carbs as sugars g 10.7 Protein g 37.8 Salt g 0.8 Fibre g 6.1 A great low fat, low salt, low calorie, high fibre, high protein dish with plenty of vitamins and minerals. Serve with a green salad with a lemon juice

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