Pumpkin gnocchi and sage butter

13th October 2019 / Julie Thompson

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I have been thinking about Halloween recipes this weekend – this is likely to be the last one I post this year. I adore gnocchi but I do find it very filling. It is a dish for a day where you need something satisfying and tasty. The day has been nothing but grey sky and

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Low FODMAP High Fibre Turkey Stir Fry

30th December 2017 / Kirsten Jackson

Recipes, lowfodmap, stir-fry
This low FODMAP stir-fry recipe is perfect for that leftover Sunday meat or at Christmas turkey you have in the freezer! You also do not have to use turkey at all, why not use chicken? Or if you are vegan, tofu is every bit as good (just not silken tofu as this is high in

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Chestnut, carrot & celeriac soup – low fodmap Christmas recipes

2nd December 2017 / Julie Thompson

Christmas, IBS, Irritable Bowel Syndrome, Recipe, Recipes, Vegetarian, WordPress, christmas recipes, food, gut health, health, lowfodmap, roots, soup, vegan, vegetables
Having guests around for Christmas lunch and wondering what to serve for a starter? This recipe is a tasty soup, suitable for vegan low fodmappers and has Christmas flavours with mixed spice. I have been using my copy of the flavour thesaurus by Niki Segnit, a gift for my birthday, and this marries chestnuts with

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Chocolate coated peppermint snow peaks – low fodmap Christmas recipes

24th November 2017 / Julie Thompson

Christmas, Food Intolerance, IBS, Irritable Bowel Syndrome, Recipes, WordPress, christmas recipes, food, health, lowfodmap
Just the ticket for giving out to friends who come caroling.   Ingredients 4 egg whites 200g castor sugar Pinch of cream of tartar 400g of mint dark chocolate 3-4 drops of peppermint flavouring. Method Add the egg whites to a bowl and add the peppermint, cream of tartar and whisk, when they are forming

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Low GI, GF, Low FODMAP – Chocolate & Banana Breakfast Pudding

15th September 2017 / Kirsten Jackson

IBS, LOW FODMAP, PCOS, Recipes, guthealth, lowGI, lowfodmap
This breakfast recipe is perfect for those following the low FODMAP diet and also for those with polycystic ovary syndrome who need a low GI diet. I personally love this breakfast option because I have coeliac disease and PCOS – meaning that I need a low GI, high protein, gluten free breakfast. If this wasn’t

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Reintroducing FODMAPs

16th June 2017 / Kirsten Jackson

IBS, Irritable Bowel Syndrome, LOW FODMAP, Uncategorized, dietitian, guthealth, lowfodmap
The reintroduction phase of the low FODMAP diet is arguably the most important part of the low FODMAP process. Done correctly, when you reintroduce FODMAPs, you will start to get some answers around your Irritable Bowel Syndrome dietary triggers. Why Do We Need To Reintroduce FODMAPs? While the avoidance of FODMAPs can help reduce gas

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Chive salad – for low fodmapers missing onion.

13th June 2017 / Julie Thompson

Digestive Health, Food Intolerance, IBS, Irritable Bowel Syndrome, Recipes, Salad, Uncategorized, WordPress, chives, food, health, low lactose, lowfodmap, summer
This salad has onion flavour as it’s base and uses chives to achieve this. It can be made without the chive flowers but if you can get them they do make a really pretty addition to this dish. I am really lucky where I live as we have the Incredible Edible scheme. This is a

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Low FODMAP Chicken Stock Recipe

11th June 2017 / Kirsten Jackson

IBS, LOW FODMAP, Recipes, dietitian, lowfodmap
Ingredients; 1 chicken carcass 1 handful of cooked or raw carrots (I used leftovers from the roast the day before) 2.5L water 1 tbs ground pepper 3 tsp  salt (or more to taste) 1.5 tbs dried parsley 3 bay leaves 1 tbs of dried rosemary 1 tbs of dried thyme   Method; Simply place all the

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Peppered leaf salad with prosciutto and berries – low fodmap

27th May 2017 / Julie Thompson

Digestive Health, Food Intolerance, Irritable Bowel Syndrome, Recipes, Salad, Ulcerative Colitis, Uncategorized, blueberies, food, health, lowfodmap, raspberries, watercress
On the theme of salads again here is a lovely refreshing peppery salad. Watercress is suitable for the low fodmap diet according to the Monash App and I love it’s hot taste. I also added a few mint tips and radish shoots. The fruit is a portion so don”t have a piece of fruit after

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Chicken, chard and pine nut conchiglie pasta – low fodmap

15th April 2017 / Julie Thompson

Coeliac Disease, Digestive Health, Food Intolerance, IBS, Irritable Bowel Syndrome, Recipes, Uncategorized, chard, food, lowfodmap, spring vegetables
I adore chard – it is so pretty and very tasty. I have not been able to source a regular supply of it, perhaps because it may be a seasonal leaf. I was surprised and very pleased to find it in a local store, so I bought some to use over the weekend. I always

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