Low GI, GF, Low FODMAP – Chocolate & Banana Breakfast Pudding

15th September 2017 / Kirsten Jackson

IBS, LOW FODMAP, PCOS, Recipes, guthealth, lowGI, lowfodmap

This breakfast recipe is perfect for those following the low FODMAP diet and also for those with polycystic ovary syndrome who need a low GI diet. I personally love this breakfast option because I have coeliac disease and PCOS – meaning that I need a low GI, high protein, gluten free breakfast. If this wasn’t

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Seafood Chowder

31st August 2017 / Kirsten Jackson

LOW FODMAP, PCOS, Recipe, Recipes, dietitian, fishchowder, healthy eating, lowGI

Seafood chowder is one of my all time favourite foods – it is cheap, low GI, full of omega 3, high in protein and perfect for a cold night. This recipe is really quite versatile also, there are no real rules as to what vegetables you can use – so long as they are chopped

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What Is The Low GI Diet & Why Is It Good For PCOS?

27th June 2017 / Kirsten Jackson

PCOS, dietitian, lowGI, womenshealth

Following a low GI diet is recommended for those with Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS), but what is it and why is it good for PCOS? Low GI is short for ‘low glycemic index’. It is a way of describing how much a food increases your blood sugar levels in comparison to white sugar. The glycemic

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