Nutrition and the gut brain axis

1st October 2021 / Stephanie Fade

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The gut brain axis is the name given to the two-way communication between our brain and gut. Unsurprisingly it’s likely to be really important in relation to our mental health. Consequently the gut or more specifically our gut microbiota (the trillions of bugs living in our gut), is often referred to as the ‘second brain.’

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My plant based diet challenge: 30 different plants in a week

2nd October 2018 / Stephanie Fade

Balanced diet, gut health, microbiota, plant-based diet
A plant-based diet with plenty of variety is what we need to have healthy gut bugs. Research suggests we need plenty of fibre and at least 30 different varieties of plant per week. As promised here are the results of my plant based diet challenge. Did you beat me? Post on Eating Mindset via Facebook or

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Why your wind smells of roses – The Life of Poo book review

31st May 2016 / Julie Thompson

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Well now, a book all about poo, why would anyone want to read this you may ask, surely the grim subject of poo is not something to read about – certainly not in public or polite company, I imagine you thinking. This thought briefly entered my head as I picked up the book in the

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