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My plant based diet challenge: 30 different plants in a week

A plant-based diet with plenty of variety is what we need to have healthy gut bugs. Research suggests we need plenty of fibre and at least 30 different varieties of plant per week. As promised here are the results of my plant based diet challenge. Did …

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Does Exercise Improve Gut Health?

Exercise is a really important part of our every day efforts to be healthy. There are many reasons to exercise, but what affect does exercise improve gut health? Does exercise help our gut health? Find out more in this article as we talk you through ou …

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Why your wind smells of roses – The Life of Poo book review

Well now, a book all about poo, why would anyone want to read this you may ask, surely the grim subject of poo is not something to read about – certainly not in public or polite company, I imagine you thinking. This thought briefly entered my head as I …

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