Do you have a problem with lactose?

22nd July 2018 / Julie Thompson

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The following script is based on an article I wrote for the Allergy & Free From show magazine last year. With some updates! What is lactose? Lactose is a sugar, for this sugar to be used by us, the walls of our lower digestive system produce a digestive enzyme called lactase. This enzyme helps to

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Is A2 milk a good choice for managing a grumpy gut?

24th March 2017 / Stephanie Fade

A2 milk, Crohns Disease, Dairy foods, FODMAP, IBS, milk
Many clients think that milk is the cause of their grumpy guts. Sometimes it is and sometimes it isn’t but recently lots of people have been asking about A2 milk. So when might A2 milk help? Get some investigations Firstly if you have a grumpy gut you should visit your GP and have some investigations.

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