Mindful eating

Weight Management – if I’m not prescribing diets, what am I doing?

28th July 2020 / Laura Clark

Intuitive Eating, Mindful eating, Weight loss and body composition, anti diet, diet binge cycle, how to break free from dieting, non diet approach
In the past, I’ve delivered weight management services which had weight loss at the heart. I’ve worked alongside other healthcare professionals in specialist NHS services, to support people on a journey to better health through weight loss. It has never been simply about offering dietary advice; we have to look at the interplay between the

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Foodie tips to toast your health on Christmas day

7th December 2017 / Stephanie Fade

Christmas, Christmas day, Mindful eating, healthy cooking, healthy eating
We sometimes think we will enjoy Christmas best by eating and drinking as much as possible. In reality no one likes feeling bloated after a meal so in the third and final post for Christmas here are my tips for making Christmas day happy and healthy. First up some tips for the cooks. The bird

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