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The Perfect Diet or… The Perfect Approach?

Here’s a thought…if you asked random people in the street what their definition of a perfect diet is…   …what do you think they’d reply with?   …Paleo, Mediterranean-Style, Low Carb, Low Glycaemic Index, Low Fat, High Fat, High Protein, Vegetarian, Vegan, Intermittent fasting…the list could probably go on for several pages.   …but most likely […]

The Paleo Diet: For the Freshest Breath

Ah, no sorry that’s “The Polo Diet”.  The Paleo Diet has nothing to do with eating mints at all.  No, Paleo eating is all about eating the foods that we did in the Palaeolithic era.  The diet seems to exist in a few different varieties of strictness.   Although I support any eating idea that […]

Saturated Fat: Do we need to re-think it?

Haven’t got long? This is what you need to know:   Dietary saturated fat has been established as a causative risk factor in the development of coronary heart disease for the past 50 years, a recent meta-analysis of all the scientific evidence to date by the University of Cambridge (part-funded by the British Heart Foundation) […]

Are you Eating Intuitively? 3 Steps to Stress Free Eating.

I was recently quoted in The Independent newspaper on ‘Intuitive Eating’… For those who’ve never heard of this, is effectively a nutrition philosophy to help you develop a more healthy relationship with food.. You can read the original article here The journalist wanted to know about this new ‘anti-diet’…but let’s take stock for a second about what […]