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Personalized Nutrition Update issue nr.25

In this week´s newsletter there has been plenty of activity in the Personalized nutrition space from the latest research, to Kellogg´s investing in Mycoprotein as the plat-protein source, BASF and inside tracker that have joined forces to provide personalized nutrition offering and Social analytics provides insight into what people say online about FMCG.. I am […]

Personalized Nutrition Update issue nr.24

If you have not been able to keep up over the summer, personalized nutrition is in the news constantly, I am talking hot hot hot!. In a recent interview with Dr Jeffrey Bland, he outlines how regulations are struggling to keep up with rapid developments in genomics and other technologies.. Of course, if you have […]

Personalized Nutrition Update issue nr.23

Big news hitting the headlines this week is the submission of a trademark by Amazon for a meal kit company with the strap line “we do the prep, you be the chef which comes as a blow to market leader Blue Apron . Amazon is a massive threat in terms of its online ordering, cashless […]

Personalised Nutrition Update issue nr.22

In the fast moving field of personalised nutrition, it is sometimes nice to reflect and re-group on the research to date, particularly in the area of nutrigenetics.  The two well-reasearched areas include obesity and Cardiovascular disease. To catch-up on what you´ve missed and a glimpse of what´s yet to come, this recent published paper will […]

Personalised Nutrition Update issue nr.21

Nestlé has just invested $77m in healthy ready-meal start-up Freshly to fund the expansion of their kitchens. The US-based Food-tech company currently deliver to 28 states and costs around $49.99 for 4 days from their rotating menu of 30 dishes that have been curated by nutritionists. Is Nestlé following Campbell Soup´s trend? will more personalisation be […]

Personalised Nutrition Update issue nr.20

With so many new start-ups in the personalised nutrition space now also using voice recognition, it is difficult for consumers and even professionals to know which companies are credible and responsible or those who are not. There is a great opportunity for education on both sides and it is important for the field that as […]

Personalised Nutrition Update issue nr.19

This week is no different with personalised nutrition hitting the headlines again, this time focusing on new start-up Viome offering AI enabled nutritional recommendations (ah-uhm, no RD) based on a challenge shake, metabolites and microbiome tests.  This comes on the heels on a feature article that explains in detail the state of (scientific) affairs with […]

Connecting with Generation Z – how food producers can get it right

There is no doubt that the current global food market is undergoing massive changes from sugar & salt reduction, to reformulations and the integration of different technologies. Consumers are increasingly demanding and research brands thoroughly before buying, from looking at online reviews to scanning QR codes. The next generation of consumers (Gen Z) have been […]

Personalised Nutrition Update issue nr.18

Two headlines caught my eye this week. First, Repositive launches Personal Genome Project data collection . The initiative collates all the data collected for the Personal Genome Project in one place combining data currently held in the US, UK, and Austria. This is great news for researchers in the field. Secondly, a rather critical point of view […]