Nutrition for health

Nutrition and Immunity

17th March 2020 / Helen Phadnis

Nutrition for health
Nutrition and Immunity By Helen Phadnis, BSc MSc PgDip MBDA, Consultant Dietitian In the current environment more than ever, it’s important to maximise your immunity and fight off disease. In this article I’d like to give you some common–sense advice, dispel some immunity myths, and share what’s on the horizon for personalised nutrition to optimise

Nutritics : quality nutrition analysis software, a freelance dietitians’ perspective

15th May 2019 / Helen Phadnis

Nutrition for health, meal plan, nutrition analysis software, nutritional therapy
Here’s a review the nutrition analysis software Nutritics, which is currently my most valuable tool in delivering a quality service to my clients.  My background is as an NHS dietitian where I worked in hospitals for over 10 years, but for the past 6 years I’ve been fully freelance.  I work in a few areas:

Fuelling For Females

16th October 2018 / Helen Phadnis

Nutrition for health
Female athletes are special because we can process oxygen more quickly than males, which means we’re naturally more athletic. Yes men have more testosterone and so find it easier to build muscle, but our oestrogen and progesterone means we’re more suited to endurance exercise. Not only that but these female sex hormones if kept in

Dietitian in your Pocket

22nd February 2018 / Helen Phadnis

Nutrition for health
Let me advise you from the comfort of your pocket! Using Oviva telehealth software I can work with you direct from your mobile phone or tablet. By downloading the free Oviva app onto your phone or tablet you’ll be ready to receive a 30 minute video consultation followed by a month of secure messenger-style follow

10 top tips to reach your 10-A-Day

27th April 2017 / Helen Phadnis

Nutrition for health
I was pretty confident in my abilities to meet the 5-A-Day guidelines for fruit and vegetable intake. I would exceed this target and feel virtuous about my fantastic  7 or 8 rainbow portions of lovely fruits and veggies that I had eaten that day. I felt I’d pretty much optimised my fruit and veg intake.
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