Understanding fuel needs for exercise

28th April 2021 / Laura Clark

Fitness and Training, Nutrition
Having a healthy, happy relationship with both exercise and food is the ideal. Unfortunately, diet culture teaches us to put them both in the same basket and ‘diet and exercise’ plans are everywhere. We may cut calories and up our exercise to force weight loss, but this can be counterproductive if we don’t understand what

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How do you know if you are addicted to food?

14th April 2021 / Laura Clark

Eating behaviours and habits, Food and nutrients, Nutrition
It is common for many of the people I meet and work with to feel they are addicted to food. But how do you know if you addicted to food? And is this even accurate? Often this label we give ourselves is all tied up in a history of chronic dieting which has led to

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The truth about caffeine and how it benefits us

3rd March 2021 / Laura Clark

Food and nutrients, Nutrition
It’s the world’s most popular stimulant and a friend to many of us but what’s the truth about caffeine and how it benefits us? Can you imagine mornings without it? How much caffeine should we have? Caffeine is a bit of a fickle friend – routine users of caffeine won’t get the same euphoric effects

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What you need to know about SALT

8th February 2021 / Laura Clark

Nutrition, how to lower salt intake; is salt bad for me; how do I eat less salt; what foods are high in salt
Headlines about salt never seem as prevalent as those bashing either fat or sugar, and yet dietary wise, salt is the biggest threat to our health. If salt intake fell by a third, it would prevent 8000 premature deaths in the UK and could save the NHS over £500 million annually. What is it about

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What to take into consideration in February if you did Veganuary

2nd February 2021 / Laura Clark

Food and nutrients, Nutrition
Veganuary recruited a record number of signups this year (around 500,000). It continues to trend but against popular belief, not all vegan diets are healthy. Let’s pull back that ‘health halo’ and have a poke around, with a particular focus on the vegan processed food market.  This product research and evidence has been compiled by

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Are assumptions holding you back?

21st October 2020 / Laura Clark

Nutrition, changing behaviour, changing habits, changing negative thinking, confirmation bias, how to lose weight and keep it off, how to stop negative thinking, positive thinking
Do you live in assumption-ville? Last time I chatted about how the brain likes to automate things. Not because it likes to let us down, but because it has to automate stuff to allow our deliberate system to focus on what really matters that day. Can you imagine if we deliberated over what to have

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Simple swaps to reduce your salt intake

12th March 2020 / Laura Clark

Nutrition, how to eat less salt, how to reduce my salt intake, tips to reduce salt, what salt is in my food
This week is Salt Awareness Week, with a focus on hidden salt in our foods. Perhaps we’ve been looking the other way watching fat and carbs battle it out and we’ve forgotten about salt – yet another risk factor for us to be wary of, will we ever get a break? Salt is worth a

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Pumpkin and Chickpea Stew

15th October 2019 / Laura Clark

Feeding the family, Nutrition, Recipes, pumpkin ideas, pumpkin meal ideas, pumpkin recipes, what to feed the family
This delicious pumpkin dish is a massive hit with all the family… it serves 6 so you have plenty of leftovers for lunch. Admittedly the children pick the herby bits out but as I keep telling them that’s what creates the AMAZING flavours! They were surprised initially that pumpkin could actually be eaten and wasn’t

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Sweetcorn Pancakes

25th September 2019 / Laura Clark

Sweetcorn pancakes are such a hit in our household they make it onto the meal plan every week. I serve them with mozzarella or feta, salad such as tomatoes and pepper sticks and sometimes bacon (I choose the bacon without the nitrates). They are also great for packed lunches the next day. I warm in

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