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Top ten tips if you’re thinking of going veggie

Chunky wholemeal veggie pizza. Get the recipe here https://www.eatingmindset.com/chunky-wholemeal-veggie-pizza/ Being vegetarian is one way to help save our planet. So here are my top ten tips if you’re thinking of going veggie. One: The basics.Vegetar …

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My plant based diet challenge: 30 different plants in a week

A plant-based diet with plenty of variety is what we need to have healthy gut bugs. Research suggests we need plenty of fibre and at least 30 different varieties of plant per week. As promised here are the results of my plant based diet challenge. Did …

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Are probiotics useless? Find out how to get a healthy gut.

A recent headline claimed that scientists have proved that probiotics are “next to useless.” So are probiotics useless? I but some myths and show you how to improve the health of your gut. What’s all the fuss about? Probiotics are preparations containi …

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