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Spicy quinoa salad recipe

15th June 2020 /

Mains, Recipe, Vegetarian, gluten free, plant based
Bright, colourful, plant-based and easy to whip up ahead of time. If you’re looking for a new salad recipe to get more vegetables in, try out this spicy quinoa salad recipe. Perfect for summer barbecues served alongside chargrilled chicken or tofu for an extra serve of protein. By cooking the quinoa and mixing the dressing

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Spicy veggie and prawn bowl

18th October 2018 / Stephanie Fade

Fibre, Recipes, fast food, healthy gut, low calorie, low fat, low sugar, main meal, plant based, protein
Calories 190 Fat g 1.3 Fat as saturates g 0.2 Carbs g 16.0 Carbs as sugars g 13.0 Protein g 26.0 Salt g 1.7 Fibre g 4.7 Plant based tasty, nutritious mid week supper A super quick, tasty dish great for mid-week supper when you are pushed for time. Good source of fibre and protein

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