Nutrition works: Five things you must know if you want to get pregnant

19th July 2017 / Stephanie Fade

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One Being overweight or underweight reduces your chances of conceiving and carrying a healthy baby to term. Check your Body Mass Index before you stop using contraception and if you have a BMI under 18.5 or over 24.9 then you should take action to reach a healthy weight before you start trying to conceive. Check

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Vegan Diet

29th November 2015 / Eulalee Green

Vegan Diet is Safe for Pregnant Women and Their Developing Babies   The meat-free lifestyle is a growing trend in the UK.  In 2016 IPSOS MORI, one of the largest social research companies reported that there were about 1.05% adults who never eat meat or animal products.  That is over 158,000 women aged between 16

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Vitamin D

7th September 2014 / Eulalee Green

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How Much Vitamin D Do I need? In the United Kingdom, 50% to 88% of the people have vitamin D deficiency. Vitamin D is important for maintaining strong bones, protecting us from infections, and regulating calcium levels. In addition, vitamin D deficiency in pregnancy is linked to an increased risk of pre-eclampsia, gestational diabetes, urine infections

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