Spicy veggie and prawn bowl

18th October 2018 / Stephanie Fade

Fibre, Recipes, fast food, healthy gut, low calorie, low fat, low sugar, main meal, plant based, protein
Calories 190 Fat g 1.3 Fat as saturates g 0.2 Carbs g 16.0 Carbs as sugars g 13.0 Protein g 26.0 Salt g 1.7 Fibre g 4.7 Plant based tasty, nutritious mid week supper A super quick, tasty dish great for mid-week supper when you are pushed for time. Good source of fibre and protein

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How over 50’s can pack a protein punch

16th October 2018 / Stephanie Fade

Ages and Stages, Longer More Active Life, more active life, muscle strength, over 50's, protein
  Research shows that people over 50 need a bit more protein than younger adults and they need to make sure they eat protein regularly throughout the day. For those of you who take part in sports or gym training several times a week, your requirements may be higher still and you will need a

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The power of protein

28th October 2016 / Stephanie Fade

Balanced diet, healthy ageing, muscle mass, protein, weight loss
  Protein is an essential component of our diets. It is necessary for growth, renewal of cells and for repair of tissues. Amino acids, the building blocks of protein, can be made by the body or obtained from food. There are 20 different amino acids in the food we eat, but our body can only

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Protein SupplementsWho Needs Them?Not many people know that one…

8th August 2016 / Sophie Medlin

Abs, Booty, Nutrition, bodybuilding, dietitian, fitfam, fitness, fitspo, gains, health, mythbusters, protein, science
Protein SupplementsWho Needs Them?Not many people know that one of my biggest professional and personal interests is in sports and exercise nutrition. I am a bit(!) of an exercise junkie myself and I enjoy helping people to achieve their ideal body composition for their particular sport through optimal nutrition. One of the things that comes
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