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Karkoa sports bag review

Everyone who plays a bit of sport could do with a decent gym bag – even if like me you rarely venture inside a gym. Karkoa sports bags are a fantastic option for people training straight from work or school to keep your clean and dirty clothes separate …

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Reasons to drop a day and eat less meat

Not only can eating more vegetables save your pocket, there are a number of other benefits from using a flexitarian approach to eat less meat. March is Nutrition awareness month and I’ve joined the Riverford How Much Meat campaign with the challenge to …

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Moma Porridge Pots with Coconut & Chia – Review

Breakfast is an important meal of the day, yet it can be a struggle for many – including myself –  to find the time to properly sit down and eat something. With early morning training sessions most days before work, breakfast for me often becomes a las …

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