sensory modulation

Build safe food sets. Great when your older child still won’t eat.

4th August 2021 / Stephanie Fade

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When you have a tween or teen who still only eats a very limited diet you need to take action. When a young person eats fewer than about 10 different foods they are at risk of nutritional deficiencies and it may prevent them growing properly. Your child might be a healthy weight, underweight or overweight

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Help my child hoards food!

4th June 2018 / Stephanie Fade

Coping with food hoarding, Healthy Eating for Your Family, anxiety, behaviour, children, hoarding, sensory modulation, stealing, trauma
Behaviour is communication Staying in a constructive frame of mind can be very challenging when faced with a child who hoards food. I am not talking about sneaking the occasional biscuit from the tin or sweet from the jar. This post is intended for parents and carers whose kids have an obsessional, irrational and on-going

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