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Kids and energy drinks don’t mix

Energy drinks are popular with tweens and teens drawn by the promise of strength, stamina and super-human powers. However there are some serious health concerns associated with these drinks. So what exactly are the dangers and what can you do to help your child? Remember that energy drinks are quite different to sports drinks. Sports […]

Do we really need a sugar tax?

You may have seen a recent article appear in several national newspapers regarding doctors calling for a sugar tax to prevent type 2 diabetes. If you missed it, here’s a link to one of them.  Of course with any national press you have to read the article with a small amount of scepticism. Usually you […]

The Sinister 6

I was once asked by a patient recently…   “Everything in nutrition is so confusing! Surely in this day and age, with all the modern technology we have, we could figure out something as simple as what to eat!”   Frankly I have to agree with them.   I tend to find that even amongst […]

Should you be reducing your added sugar intake?

There are only 8 days left of Sugar Free February, I’m not going to lie, it’s been tough! It got me thinking – should we all be cutting out added sugar? What is added sugar? There are different sources of sugar in your diet. Sugar can either be intrinsic (ie within a food or drink) […]