Kids and energy drinks don’t mix

14th June 2018 / Stephanie Fade

Ages and Stages, Kids, Teens and Tweens, caffeine, energy drinks, sugar, teens, tweens
Energy drinks are popular with tweens and teens drawn by the promise of strength, stamina and super-human powers. However there are some serious health concerns associated with these drinks. So what exactly are the dangers and what can you do to help your child? Remember that energy drinks are quite different to sports drinks. Sports

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Candida Overgrowth & The Candida Diet

3rd February 2018 / Kirsten Jackson

Fad Diets, Microbiome, SIFO, candida, candida diet, sugar
What Is Candida Overgrowth? Candida is a type of yeast or fungus which likes to grow in warm, moist conditions. Candida grows all over our body and is a normal part of the digestive system (1). However, it becomes a problem when it starts to grow in an unusually large volume. What Are The Symptoms of

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Is Fruit Bad For You? PCOS & Digestive Health Advice

13th January 2018 / Kirsten Jackson

Digestive Health, Fruit, PCOS, digestion, fructose, sugar
Fruit contains many vitamins, antioxidants and minerals, as well as being a great source of fibre. But, does fruit cause digestive symptoms? And, is fruit too high in sugar for those with polycystic ovary syndrome? In this article, I explore how fruit is digested in your body and whether there are any negative affects on your

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Five things you need to know about ADHD and Diet

2nd October 2017 / Stephanie Fade

ADHD, additives, faddy eating, growth, sugar, supplements
  October is ADHD awareness month. If you have a child with ADHD you may have heard all sorts of things about the role of diet in ADHD and it can be really difficult to separate the fact from the fiction. In this post I present some facts, bust some myths and give you five

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Facts about sugar

3rd February 2017 / Stephanie Fade

Balanced diet, Carbohydrates, Fruit, added sugar, sugar
  We are constantly hearing that we eat too much sugar but people are confused. Here are some facts about sugar to help you make sense of it all. One: If you see any of these words on an ingredients list then you are looking at “added sugar.” Agave nectar Evaporated cane juice Malt syrup

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The Facts about the Sugar Tax (and a bit of my opinion)So you…

29th March 2016 / Sophie Medlin

Nutrition, dietitian, sugar, sugartax
The Facts about the Sugar Tax (and a bit of my opinion)So you may have heard that the government announced a ‘sugar tax’ in the latest budget which will mean that sugary drinks – particularly fizzy drinks – will cost an additional 18-24p per litre which would mean that a 1.75 litre bottle of coke
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