Supplements For IBS

11th October 2019 / Kirsten Jackson

IBS supplements, supplements
The idea of taking a simple supplement to help your IBS sounds ideal right? Well, this can now be reality. In this article I am going to cover my top supplements which have all been proven to work. How To Take Supplements Although it can be tempting to just take all of them, please do

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27th September 2019 / Kirsten Jackson

Enterosgel, supplements
Many clients ask me if Enterosgel is good for irritable bowel syndrome. There are so many supplements out there claimed to help with IBS. It can be hard to figure out what is what. You will likely also be fed up of having to try yet another supplement. So, in this post, I will look

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Should you be taking collagen supplements for your IBS?

2nd August 2019 / Kirsten Jackson

Collagen, IBS supplements, Uncategorized, supplements
You may have read that collagen supplements can help IBS symptoms. It makes sense, right? Collagen is used by your body in many ways, one of which is in the gut lining. So, if your gut isn’t working, it would find it responsible to take a supplement that you know has a direct role. In

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Will Magnesium Supplements Help Constipation?

9th June 2019 / Kirsten Jackson

magnesium, magnesium IBS, magnesium constipation, supplements
Did you know that magnesium can help constipation? This is why your doctor may have advised you to trial a magnesium based laxative for your constipation. You may be left wondering …do you need to take this forever? And, you may be wondering if this laxative is what cause your occasional diarrhoea flare up. In

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Which Digestive Enzymes are Good For IBS?

2nd February 2019 / Kirsten Jackson

digestive enzymes, digestive enzymes for IBS, enzymes, supplements
IBS is a digestive health problem which can be triggered by the inability to digest certain foods. So you may be wondering, which digestive enzymes are good for IBS? In this article, I look at the science to explain which digestive enzymes you should use to improve your IBS symptoms. What are digestive enzymes? Digestive

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Does Activated Charcoal Help IBS Symptoms?

15th December 2018 / Kirsten Jackson

activated charcoal, bloating, healing the gut, supplements
Activated charcoal has many claims behind it, including its ability to ‘detoxify’ your gut and help with excess wind and bloating. This article will look at the science behind these claims to provide you with unbiased dietitian advice on whether you should be taking the supplement. What is Activated Charcoal? Activated charcoal comes from charcoal

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Five things you need to know about ADHD and Diet

2nd October 2017 / Stephanie Fade

ADHD, additives, faddy eating, growth, sugar, supplements
  October is ADHD awareness month. If you have a child with ADHD you may have heard all sorts of things about the role of diet in ADHD and it can be really difficult to separate the fact from the fiction. In this post I present some facts, bust some myths and give you five

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Healthy Bones and Osteoporosis

15th February 2017 / Elaine Allerton

Bone Health, Vitamin/Mineral, supplements
Osteoporosis “Osteo” means bone, and “porosis” means porous… so when you have osteoporosis, your bones become thin and weak, and there’s a higher risk of breaking a bone especially if you fall. Clinical definitions of osteoporosis are based on the measurement of bone mineral density (BMD) from a dual-energy X-ray absorptiometry (DXA) scan. Our bones

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Do healthy adults need to take vitamin/mineral supplements?

31st January 2017 / Elaine Allerton

Vitamin/Mineral, supplements
As featured on ITV’s “Save Money: Good Health” series 1, episode 4 with Sian Williams During the TV experiment with Sian Williams and our lovely volunteers in Eastbourne on ITV’s “Save Money: Good Health” show, we looked at whether healthy older adults should spend money on vitamin/mineral supplements. Half our volunteers were already taking a

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Do you need supplements? Some food for thought.

21st November 2016 / Stephanie Fade

Balanced diet, Micronutrients, antioxidants, supplements, vitamin c for colds, zinc for colds
Vitamins, minerals and trace elements are essential nutrients that your body needs in small amounts. The actual amounts you need vary. This will depend on your age, the amount of physical activity you take, your medical history, gender and for women whether you are pregnant or breast-feeding. Do you need supplements? Here is some food

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