Top 12 plant based snacks for children

13th April 2020 / Sarah Almond Bushell

Child, Family, toddler

You can’t have missed how popular plant based eating has become. It’s good for us, it’s good for the environment and it can be healthy for our little ones too.It doesn’t mean going all-out vegan. For many of us it’s about including dairy, eggs and meat in our diets, but having it less often. How

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Baby & toddler lunch ideas – 20 different sandwiches

16th March 2020 / Sarah Almond Bushell

Tips & advice, baby, toddler

Sandwiches are quick and easy meals for baby and toddler lunches and make a fabulous baby led weaning lunch. They are also an ideal way to pack in nutrition as most little ones will happily munch on bread. I’m often asked if bread is OK as bread itself is a source of salt. Bread does

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Baby Porridge & Overnight Oats – 20 different ideas

2nd March 2020 / Sarah Almond Bushell

Recipes, School-aged children, baby, toddler

Oat based breakfasts make an amazing start to the day. My first baby was ravenous the minute he woke up so I used to make him overnight oats that were ready and waiting in the fridge the moment we got downstairs. My second child, however, loved a warming bowl of porridge to start her day. Whichever

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Raising your family on a plant based diet By leading children’s cookery author Annabel Karmel

17th February 2020 / Sarah Almond Bushell

Recipes, baby, toddler

Whether you’ve chosen to remove certain foods from your baby’s diet on health, religious, environmental, or ethical grounds or their diet has to be restricted for other reasons such as allergies, it’s important to ensure that your baby gets all the essential vitamins and minerals they need. It is possible to raise your baby on

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How to encourage more vegetables for kids

20th January 2020 / Sarah Almond Bushell

School-aged children, Tips & advice, toddler

I was interviewed by a journalist recently who asked me for my 5 top tips to help kids eat veggies and my suggestions came as a bit of a surprise to her.She said she’d expected me to talk about making sauces packed full of blitzed up veggies, hiding veggies in mashed potato or making toddler

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Healthy Halloween Party Food

26th October 2019 / Sarah Almond Bushell

Recipes, School-aged children, toddler

Boo to You! Sarah Almond Bushell MPhil, BSc (Hons) RD Registered Dietitian & Children’s Nutritionist I love Halloween, it marks the change in seasons for me, it’s around the time when the clocks go back, the first term at school is over and we can start the count down to Christmas – my absolute favourite

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The best food for babies

14th October 2019 / Sarah Almond Bushell

Nutritional advice, baby, toddler

This blog is sponsored by Nature & Nurture Baby & Child Vitamins and contains an affiliate link for this product. Once your baby reaches 6 months of age, their nutritional requirements are much greater. Not only have they started to run out of their important nutrient reserves that they were born with (such as iron),

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Dairy Free Baby Food for Weaning

29th September 2019 / Sarah Almond Bushell

Recipes, baby, toddler

It is estimated that 1 in 14 children under the age of three will have some sort of food allergy, with the most common allergies to milk, eggs, peanuts, tree nuts, soya, fish and wheat. Did you know that 2-3% of babies have an allergy to milk or Cows Milk Protein Allergy (CMPA)? It’s the most

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Whats the difference between omega 3 and Fish oils for kids

16th September 2019 / Sarah Almond Bushell

Recipes, School-aged children, Tips & advice, baby, toddler

Disclaimer – this post contains an affiliate link.It might surprise you to learn that omega 3 is a fat. It’s a healthy fat and a critical nutrient for babies and children. What are healthy fats?There are lots of different types of fat and they all not all equal. You will probably have heard of saturated

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The best probiotic for kids

2nd September 2019 / Sarah Almond Bushell

Nutritional advice, School-aged children, baby, toddler

When babies are born they have a sterile digestive system. During birth, then from breastmilk or formula and later on from food, probiotic bacteria are introduced. These bacteria make up an important part of your littles ones health and different experiences and exposures throughout her childhood will affect how her digestive system is colonised.A guest

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