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Type 2 Diabetes Remission Study 2 years on

The 2 year follow up results have been published for the type 2 diabetes remission study. If you’re not familiar with the study or diet, I’ve blogged about it previously here to bring you quickly up to speed. I’ve also done a complete review of the die …

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How to eat sugar and not spike your glucose levels – Have your cake and eat it

If you ask people what do people with type 2 diabetes need to avoid the most common answer is sugar. This isn’t actually what we recommend in practice because we think people should be entitled to enjoy the odd treat like any of us. That said, people w …

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I eat healthy but have suboptimal glucose levels. Why?

Many patients I see have perfectly healthy diets but unfortunately suffer with suboptimal glucose levels. This can be frustrating for the patient. Especially as they are doing their best to control their diabetes but to no avail. When I see these patie …

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