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I’m training all the time. Why am I not losing weight?

“I’m training all the time, but I’m not losing weight. Where am I going wrong?” Getting the right balance as an athlete can be a challenge when trying to improve body composition and your power to weight ratio. We all know that in order to lose weight there needs to be some sort of energy deficit […]

Type 2 Diabetes and The Key To Weight Loss

From the comments I have received on my Facebook Page regarding type 2 diabetes, many of them have focused on the considerations for weight loss. Therefore, I said I would write an article on the key considerations for weight loss in type 2 diabetes. What I didn’t want to do however is provide the same […]

Dietwise weight loss services

Professional, effective support from Dietwise With over 20 years of experience, Dawn has a proven track record of success in helping people reach their weight loss targets.  As a dietitian, she is uniquely qualified to advise individuals specifically around their health care needs and provide personalised dietary advice.  A number of options are offered: General […]

Are you Eating Intuitively? 3 Steps to Stress Free Eating.

I was recently quoted in The Independent newspaper on ‘Intuitive Eating’… For those who’ve never heard of this, is effectively a nutrition philosophy to help you develop a more healthy relationship with food.. You can read the original article here The journalist wanted to know about this new ‘anti-diet’…but let’s take stock for a second about what […]