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Five ways to avoid weight gain before Christmas day

16th November 2017 / Stephanie Fade

Christmas, Christmas is coming, Weight Management, healthy lifestyle
It might seem ridiculous to be posting about Christmas in mid-November but I expect you already have several festive parties, dinners and events coming up over the next few weeks. In the first of a series of three posts I help you get in the right mindset for festive foodie fun without the regrets. Festive

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Forget diet and exercise, let’s talk about eating and training

16th October 2017 / Laura Clark

Sports Nutrition & Fitness, Weight Management
I’ve had a newly injected passion for engaging the people I see in the power of an improved body composition. The scale often gives an unclear picture of progress made and leaves us deflated and frustrated. We need to focus on changes to body shape and the corresponding change to muscle mass and strength that

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Welcome to the LEC Nutrition blog

10th February 2017 / Laura Clark

Behind the Headlines, Lifestyle, Medical, Nutrition, Sports Nutrition & Fitness, Weight Management
Welcome to the LEC Nutrition blog – helping each and every one of you access nutrition sense and eat it real. The nutrition and health world has exploded onto the internet – we are overwhelmed with facts, fads, false claims and frustration. Everyone – including those not even qualified – seems obsessed with labelling food

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The nutrition behind the scenes of new weight loss TV series

18th May 2016 / Laura Clark

Behind the Headlines, Weight Management
Starting tonight (18th May) is a new four part BBC 1 programme called ‘Lose Weight for Love’ – helping couples change their lifestyles and achieve weight loss. Alas I was deemed too gorgeous for front of camera but beavered away behind the scenes assessing the couples, supporting the production team, giving dietary advice and designing

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Weight loss and health – my answers to what ‘THEY’ say

11th October 2015 / Laura Clark

Lifestyle, Medical, Nutrition, Weight Management
They say you should detox If you own a liver and kidney you are detoxing 24/7. Check if you have these and if you do, don’t panic. To help them along keep well hydrated and don’t drink alcohol in excess. They say you should cut out sugar I recently had a visit in clinic from

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Game, set, banana, match!

11th July 2015 / Laura Clark

Exercise, Lifestyle, Nutrition, Weight Management
To celebrate being one of the closest dietitian’s to the famous SW19 Wimbledon tennis I thought I’d put the spotlight on the ever popular banana – so synonymous with tennis players to fuel them to the final, how does it match up for the rest of us?! Someone I saw in clinic recently told me

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The life expectancy of Daddy Pig

23rd March 2015 / Laura Clark

Lifestyle, Medical, Nutrition, Weight Management
It occurs to me that Daddy Pig receives a lot of stick from the rest of the Peppa Pig family about his ‘big tummy’. It is a well- known fact that he loves cookies and doesn’t enjoy exercise. So what is the harsh reality for Daddy Pig and do any of us relate to him

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